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'Coalition Government Colouring and Activity Book' - Tom Pride 

this is beautiful

Get your printer on parents, I’ve got some fun activities for the little’ns.

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"You know that feeling…. where the first moment you see someone, it’s like they have a big gold star around them? And you have to get to know them. Well, there’s this girl… I think she’s a senior. She’s usually dressed, kinda punk. But sometimes I see her in this, like - army uniform, and she’s always drawing in this notebook, looking so intense. I had no idea how I would ever… like, have an excuse to talk to her, til’ I noticed she and her friends hang out and play street fighter at the seven eleven every day after school.”

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I think this is the part where I tell you not to actually kill anyone 

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Japanese fashion blogger Cocomi on the street with a cute double buns hairstyle and fashion from several of Harajuku’s coolest resale/vintage shops - SANKAKU, Bubbles, and Kinsella. The shoes are Unif! Full Look

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Ken Russel’s Last of the Teddy Girls

"Russell scouts the streets of post-war London and takes both candid and posed shots of young girls dressed in the classic teddy girl uniform: blazers, trousers and ‘manly’ haircuts. It was one of the first of its kind as portraying the youth culture which, in the 1950s, was just getting underway." TRIBU Magazine Article

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Beetles compromise 25% of all animal species. That means 1 in 4 animals is probably a beetle. Is it you? Is it your best friend? How can you be sure?

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Natasha Lyonne on The Todd Barry Podcast Live, October 29 (2013)

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